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Lakers Starting 5 for the 2022-2023 NBA Basketball Season ?????

What would be the best Lakers starting 5 lineup for the upcoming season? will Russell Westbrook still be on the basketball team? is Patrick Beverly really good enough to be a starting point guard in 2022 through 2023 on a championship contender? will LeBron stay healthy the entire year?

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I truly believe we are yet to see the darkest days of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise and I believe the signing of LeBron James will be the reason for it. I just hope all of the talking heads and die hard LeBron James stans never forget these dark years.

As mentioned in the video, Russell Westbrook is still hanging around the lockers and his rumored to be attending the upcoming Lakers basketball camp which is said to be led on LeBron James. does this mean Russell Westbrook will be playing for the Lakers to stop coming season? and if Russell Westbrook is playing this season? what kind of role would he play on the team? would Russell Westbrook take the assignment of sixth man?