When to Throw Away Underwear? My Underwear has Holes in it!

I’m wondering when to throw away underwear because my drauz are full of holes.
MeUndies: bit.ly/35SATFG
Drauz at Walmart: bit.ly/2RavJRd
Drauz on Amazon: bit.ly/33Irq2n

Do you have holey underwear? I’m not talking about holy underwear blessed by your pastor, I’m talking about underwear with holes in them.

Now given the fact that I’m always outside hunting for squirrels, I get real sweat and then my underwear falls apart. How often do you need to replace your underwear? I wanted to ask my sister when to replace your underwear but she’s just never home anymore and she won’t answer her cell phone.

So if you’re wondering when to throw away your underwear, I would say you throw away your old underwear when your junk is starting to hang out of them. That wouldn’t have been a big problem for me, but I also has a hole in my shorts.

Anyways, I’m Raymond Ciste and I hope now you know when is it time to throw away underwear. And maybe if you need more help, you can ask your momma how to know when to throw away underwear.