Pamela, A Contestant on The Price is Right in 1983

Pamela is the most beautiful contestant to ever get called up on The Price Is Right in 1983.

I’ve always been a big fan of The Price is Right. I much prefer Bob Barker than the current guy who hosts it now. In fact, I don’t even watch TPIR episodes that don’t have Bob as the host. Earlier this year, I and many fans like me, were blessed to see our Roku TVs were streaming 24/7 episodes of “The Price is Right: The Barker Era.” And tuning in to this Roku Channel is how I discovered Pamela Morley, the most beautiful contestant to ever get called up on the Price Is Right.

You can view fine details of the episode here. I believe that patch, which is like the holy grail of The Price is Right fan sites, has misspelled her name. They have it spelled “Pamela Morely” when I’m almost certain it is “Pamela Morley.” No matter how you spell it, Pamela is gorgeous! She is the most stunning woman I have ever seen on The Price is Right and possibly ever in my life.

When Pamela’s name was called, you could tell everyone from the crowd, to the other contestants, to the Barker Girls, and even Bob Barker himself was in awe. Pamela was a stunning, fit blonde with a beautiful smile and enough grace and charisma to fill an entire studio. Pamela did well. She won her first chance at an item up for bid, followed that up with winning a sailboat, then spun her way on the big wheel to get to the Showcase Showdown. Unfortunately, my love did not win her Showcase.

If you’d like to see how close Pamela was to winning $10,000 on the Big Wheel, watch this clip.

If you’d like to download the entire episode, you can find it using the following links:

Full Episode with Streaming and downloading options on Archive.org here:

Direct Download (.mp4 video file) is here or below if the streaming player works for you on this page:

Full Episode Torrent here:
Clip of Pamela Spinning the Wheel and missing $1.00 by a hair is here:

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