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Pace Vs. Rotel

If you had to choose between Pace Picante or Ro-tel Diced Tomatoes, which would you choose?

Pace Picante sauce is really good. Ro-tel (often misspelled as Rotel) is also really good. When it comes time for me to binge on some homemade nachos, I often find myself in a tossup when deciding on what I should mix in with my Velveeta cheese. Pace is a little thinner and can help make the dip last longer, but Rotel is a but chunkier and a little spicier. It’s a tough decision!


Which of the two would you choose if you could only choose one?


Ryan here for silly reviews we’re going to

do a little go head to head a little tomato

go head to head

we have pace picante sauce and we’ve

got Rotel the first Rotel the gentle

pace diced tomatoes and green chilies

that is what you’re going to see on the

front of the Rotel mark on the pace

it will say that it is the

unique picante sauce and we have the

mellow on the grounds that that is plainly the more

mainstream of the two in case you’re concerned

about the sustenance realities the nourishment

marks on here neither one of these two

are going to have a great deal of calories they

simply don’t they’re for the most part just diced up

extremely ready tomatoes and a couple of things in

there for flavor whether it’s going to

be some little peppers and onions a few

sort of flavors added to them the main

thing you’d need to stress over this if

you are on a sodium confined eating routine both

of these do pack a decent measure of sodium

so be careful about that many individuals use

these without anyone else’s input particularly the pace

with regards to only a plunge for a chip

without anyone else’s input while the Rotel is

presumably increasingly well known for the work of art

formula of Rotel and Velveeta on the off chance that we take

a more critical take a gander at the substance of the can

of Rotel you can see exceptionally ready extremely red

tomatoes not runny at all beautiful

thick in the event that we take a gander at the substance of the

pace now the pace is going to be more slender

what’s more, on the off chance that you investigate ready

tomatoes also however they’re diced

littler and I additionally find that the little

tomatoes and glues are a tad

crunchy blunder they’re a tad

crispier the Rotel again you’re going to

utilize that in Velveeta a ton that is simply

that has been around everlastingly that plans

incredible for gatherings extraordinary for motion picture night

things like that the pace picante sauce

you’re going to locate that a great deal of times

something comparative when you go to a

café and they you know plate your

table with the free chips and the free

plunge I mean it’s going to look a great deal like

pace so out of the two I’m exceptionally inquisitive

which one do you like more which one do

you utilize more do you like them by

themselves or with cheddar leave a


Brian here for silly reviews