Frank Clark Derrick Henry – Did Chiefs DE Really Say This?

The Frank Clark Derrick Henry beef just started sizzling in front of the AFC championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans. During a recent interview, Chiefs DE Frank Clark ran his mouth about Titans Running Back Derrick Henry. Frank Clark went on about how Derrick Henry isn’t special nor is he especially difficult to tackle. During this Frank Clark interview, there were lots of juicy quotes.

This is what’s called chalkboard material or bulletin board material which is a mortal sin in sports. You never want to say anything that can motivate the opposing team.

Frank Clark said Derrick Henry, the guy who won this season’s rushing title and is also the rushing leader in the playoffs, is “just a big guy” and that Henry is “not hard to hit.” Oh, and Frank Clark continued to put more egg in his face. Frank Clark also had this to say about Derrick Henry,
“[Henry is] not hard to hit. He’s just a big guy … honestly he should be running harder at his weight and his size. I don’t see no difficulty in tackling him.

“…He’s just easy to me up front because I don’t look at any running back like they can’t be tackled. He’s not one of the best guys at breaking tackles to me honestly. He’s just a big body, and when people look at him, they’re scared to tackle him or they look at him and they’re scared to play aggressive. I think I’m the aggressor. I know I am.”

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