My First Time Magnet Fishing. (Jackpot!)

After a marathon of watching magnet fishing videos, I decided to try it out for myself. This is my first time magnet fishing. This experience takes place in the creeks of Louisiana. Not far from being able to magnet wish in Lake Pontchartrain or even in the Mississippi river, I try my luck with my magnet and nylon rope in what some would call a ditch. It’s a mild winter here in Southern Louisiana, and it’s been a rainy week. Let’s see what we can find. And spoiler alert, I did have a magnet fishing find. I wouldn’t call it a magnet fishing jackpot, but it is something of value and really interesting.

I hope you enjoy the video and I’m thankful to share the experience with all of you.
If you have any helpful tips for a novice magnet fisherman, please leave them in the description. I would appreciate the help as this may be my new and favorite hobby!

The magnet and nylon rope were both purchased from Harbor Freight in Slidell, LA for right around $10.00 total!