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Fire Station First Amendment Audit in Arabi, Louisiana at St. Bernard Parish fire Station

Doing a right to record first amendment audit at a fire station located in the city of Arabi which is inside of St. Bernard Parish and neighbors New Orleans and Chalmette. Will our right to record this fire station be respected by local workers and police, or will there be a cop watch and confrontation?

Address of this Fire Station Audit:
7628 W Judge Perez Dr, Arabi, LA 70032

Interesting enough, this beautiful and modern fir house and fire station was closed almost 2 years ago per the information contained in the following article:

Why did Fire Station 2 Close? Why do I often see a man in an SUV enter the building and stay there for hours? What is the city/parish going to do with this building? How much is it costing the city to maintain this building and keep the utilities on and running?

St. Bernard Parish Fire Department Headquarters:
8201 W. Judge Perez Dr. Suite 206
Chalmette, LA 70043
Phone (504) 278-4275
Fax (504) 278-1583

Fire Chief: Thomas Stone
email: tstone@sbpg.net

Location on Google Map: goo.gl/maps/QEkjbkHNV3SDGQRH8

St. Bernard Parish Fire Department Website:
St. Bernard Sheriff’s Department on Facebook:

“When you are lawfully present in any public space, you have the right to photograph anything in plain view, including federal buildings and the police. … Police officers may not confiscate or demand to view your photographs or video without a warrant, nor may they delete data under any circumstances.” – ACLU Website

The court also reasoned that the right to record the police is grounded in the First Amendment right “of access to information about their officials’ public activities.”

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