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Can Bronny James match his Father’s Woke Level? Who threw something at Bronny James?

Forget about young Bronny James being able to contend for the title of NBA G.O.A.T. in basketball, I want to know how much pressure Lebron James’ son is under having to live up to being the most woke athlete to ever live. Is that kind of shadow, cast by Bronny James’ father, LBJ, too much pressure for an single boy or future man to handle?

I can’t imagine the pressure little Bronny James is under to carry the family name when it comes to politcal and social wokeness. Bronny updates show Bronny James is performing well in high school athletics and Bronny is looking good on the courts even through someone threw something at Bronny in a recent game and it was caught by a camera phone that was recording. But all Bronny was doing was inbounding a basketball. Imagine what he will have to look out for when he starts making woke statements at press conferences and in interviews. And for real, who threw something at bronny james? I would like to get the name of the person in the crowd who threw something at this kid. Do any of you know the name of who was seen throwing something at Bronny during one of his basketball games?

Bronny James 2020 seems to be on the right track but is he also on a path to wokeness?