XFL KNEELING – Woke to Broke without Playing a Single Game

UPDATE, 12/19/2021: So, what’s going on with this new woke football league. Is covid preventing this league from starting again, or are there other reasons?

It’s official, XFL Kneeling will result in the fastest fold of a professional sports franchise ever recorded. When the players of this dwaye johnson and day garcia-owned xfl kneel, you can almost guarantee the xfl will be another example of going woke then going broke. Dwayne Johnson made it public that he and his fellow investors will allow kneeling during the United States National Anthem as a sign of “protest.” It doesn’t look like there will be an XFL 2020, so stay tuned to the third collapse of the Xtreme Football League in 2021. With the xfl sale, the rock just broke xfl news that the XFL will be woke and there will be kneeling by the players should they choose. XFL ownership is a mess after the 2020 xfl bankruptcy and tranfer of power from vince mcmahon to a new xfl ownership group. #WokeSports #XFL #Kneeling