Walmart Pickup Tower – How Does It Work? (It Doesn’t…..Because Walmart)

In 2017, I made a video which documented how frustrating it was, and absolutely inconvenient, to shop online at Walmart.com and choose to pick up your items at your local store. My experience showed how I would arrive at the designated pickup area, and there wouldn’t be any employees. The employees who happened to walk past me would just ignore me. You can see that one below:
My video titled, “Why People Hate Walmart.”

In 2018, these new “Pickup Towers” are installed at the Walmart stores near me. They’re supposed to make shopping from home a brees….which they do not. I don’t know what kinds of employees Walmarts in other cities are able to emply, but the employees in my……rural……area are downright terrible.And since the employees are nearly worthless, so is any amennity Walmart tries to off its customers.

If you’ve had a similar experience, different experience or just have a question, I encourage you to share it in the comments.

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How a walmart pickup tower works: customers shop online as usual then wait for the email that says their item is available in the tower at their local store.

Walmart pickup tower aka giant vending machine: how does it work???

Why walmart is putting giant towers in stores.

Have you seen a large tower inside your local walmart?

Why walmart is putting giant towers in stores.

Well it’s the new way at ordering online and picking up your walmart merchandise