Slim Jim Savage Size – New 3 oz Savage Slim Jim

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the new Savage Size Slim Jims at my local gas station. These 3 ounce beef snacks were sitting in a really cool Macho Man Randy Savage Slim Jim holder.
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Let’s talk about processed meat stick snacks and what this new, 3 oz. snack means to all of us who love to snap into a Slim Jim.
If you don’t know the progression of the Slim Jim, I’m going to break it down.
Original Slim Jim was only 0.28 oz.
Giant Slim Jim is 0.97 oz.
Monster Slim Jim is 1.94 oz.
Savage Size Slim Jim is 3.00 oz

I absolutely love Slim Jims and hope these new 3 oz Savage Size snacks stick around. They’re often a much better value than the smaller sizes and can basically be an entire meal. This new size packs about 390 calories (if you eat the whole thing….and I know you will).

And don’t forget, these snacks are “so meaty, it’s savage!” Go ahead and pick up a Slim Jim Savage stick and worry about it when it’s time for your New Year’s resolution.

Slim Jims were created in 1928. Popularity of the Slim Jim meat snack exploded in the 1990’s thanks to entertaining commercials featuring professional wrestler Randy Savage and his unforgettable, “Snap into a Slim Jim” catchphrase. While the Macho Man is the most notable spokesperson for Slim Jim brand meat sticks, even Vanilla Ice has promoted Slim Jim.

There was a bit of a Slim Jim Controversy when Wired published an article focusing on what exactly are Slim Jims made of. And in that article, it was noted that a Slim Jim is less of a meat stick and more of a fermented sausage.

Slim Jim Ingredients include:
beef, mechanically separated chicken, lactic acid starter culture, dextrose, salt, sodium nitrite and hydrolyzed soy.

Slim Jim Trivia: Sodium nitrate is used in Slim Jims to prevent the meat from turning gray. Did you know 6 grams of sodium nitrate can kill you? It would take a person consuming (in a short period of time) approximately 1,400 Slim Jims to become fatal.