LRS Rx-CS7 Review – Long Range Coaster Pagers for Restaurants

During a recent trip to the pharmacy, I was handed a LRS RX-CS7 coaster long-range pager. This is one of those coaster-style pagers you normally see at restaurants when you’re waiting for the hostess at the host stand to let you know your table was ready.
đŸŦ📟 LRS Paging Systems: bit.ly/35MFrNF
To kill some time while I was waiting for my prescriptions to be ready, I decided to share with you a closer look at these long-range pagers and research some answers for the most popular questions about these pagers.
Firstly, I would like to share with you my thoughts of these pagers. The Long Range Systems Guest Pager Pro RX-CS7 felt solid and was attractive. It really gave me the opinion that these coaster pagers would last this pharmacy a long time. They look easy to clean. I was sitting about 100ft from the pharmacy windows (where the base was located) and the signal went to my unit with no issues. The vibration was strong and the pattern caught my attention. The led lights were noticeable even under their strong overhead lighting.

A lot of people want to know the answers to the following for these pagers:

❓ What is the LRS Rx-CS7 Range?
ℹī¸ 1/4 mile range! That’s a quarter of a mile!

❓ What is the LRS Rx-CS7 frequency?
ℹī¸ UHF frequency (FM 420-470 Mhz) for greater range and pageability

❓ Do you know of a LRS Rx-CS7 hack?
ℹī¸ I’m believe hacks for the LRS Rx-CS7 exist, but when dealing with radio frequencies, you’d want to check the legality of LRS Rx-CS7 hacks. A LRS Rx-CS7 hack may also void your warranty.

❓ Where can I find the LRS Rx-CS7 manual?
ℹī¸ The LRS Rx-CS7 manual can be viewed and downloaded here: fccid.io/2AB6ORXCS7/User-Manual/User-Manual-2534250

Do you own one of these LRS Rx-CS7 paging systems from Long Range Systems? Share your thoughts in the comments.