Conor Cowboy Winner UFC 246 – Who Won Connor McGregor vs Donald Cowboy Cerrone

Huge UFC fight tonight. Conor Cowboy UFC 246 has been all the talk among mixed martial arts fans.
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If you want to know who won, then watch this video to see if Conor McGregor was able to bounce back from consecutive losses or was Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone was able to get his 37th win as well as secure the first victory in his new 6-fight deal from his new UFC contract. Could this be the end of Conor’s Career? If McGregor loses, will Conor McGregor retire? This is UFC 246.

It’s always a spectacle when there’s a Conor McGregor fight. It’s the new year and hopefully a Conor McGregor fight in 2020 can mean the Irishman can enjoy glory and respect in the octagon again. Conor vs Cowboy starts 202 off the right way and gives the fans what they want to see. Is Conor still “notorious?” Is Donald a real “cowboy”? What about that Conor shoulder? Conor busts Cowboy’s nose with his shoulder.40 seconds and done. Mc Gregor knockout referee stopped the fight.

Watch the video for the result! Did Conor win? Did Cowboy win? Did you think Conor could beat cowboy? Could Cowboy beat Conor? Who won the McGregor fight?

The conor cowboy odds were in Conor’s favor, but a lot of fighters and fans know to never count out Cowboy Cerrone.

Did you bet on this fight? If you did, I’d bet you’re anxious about the winner. Who won? And do you want to watch the Conor Cowboy replay? What are you even waiting for? Watch this video and find out who won McGregor vs Cowboy!