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Fire Sean Payton

If New Orleans doesn't want to lose their football team, they need to move on from Sean Payton.

When are the Saints going to fire Sean Payton?

Sean Payton is the NFL’s second-longest-serving head coach, but his coaching approach has recently been harming the Saints more than helping them. Sean Payton has been the head coach in New Orleans since January 18, 2006, and one thing has remained consistent during his tenure: Drew Brees, the potential first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback. Sean Payton might be dismissed if his decision-making continues to deteriorate in the face of an unclear future for the Saints’ players.

You might think this is ridiculous, but Sean Payton’s seasons with the Saints haven’t always been successful. Six of the fifteen seasons have been completed.

I think The New Orleans Saints need to fire coach Sean Payton. Yes, it may be time to fire Sean Payton. The New Orleans Saints are looking worse as each game goes by in this 2021 through 2022 NFL season. Currently, Sean Payton is leading the Saints to an embarrassing loss versus the Philadelphia eagles where there are trailing huge at halftime. I believe the Sean Payton experience has run its course in New Orleans, and they would be better off if they found a new coach.

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