Durant Missed Dunk

Watch Kevin Durant blow a wide-open, one-leg dunk against the Knicks. Can Kevin Durant Still Dunk the Basketball?

On Wednesday December 1st 2021 I witnessed Kevin Durant in the basketball games featuring the New Jersey Nets versus the New York Knicks totally missed a wide-open like slam dunk off of a fast break. Believe my eyes. Durant is 33 years old and entering his middle thirties. This is typically when NBA basketball players begin to lose their athleticism but can maintain a presence in the NBA as a formidable opponent by adapting their game to their age which Kevin Durant really well. This was just a sign that Father Time sleeps for No One. Kevin Durant may only be a couple years away from not being able to dunk at all especially when you watch him in this video miss a fast-break why in one leg.. And Kevin Durant this donkey badly. What do you think?

Kevin Durant misses a wide open dunk off one leg tonight during the Knicks vs Nets game. Durant is getting old and he can barely jump anymore. The Nets may want to Trade Kevin Durant for a good player if they can. This missed dunk by Kevin Durant is like seeing Father Time poke him.