Cascade Original ActionPacs Review – 25ct Dishwasher Pods

UPDATE: I have been using these in my dishwasher for over a month now and I do believe they work well and are a good value but I watched this video about dishwasher detergent, pods, pacs, and packs to be specific, and now I believe, as long as you’re not wasting it by using too much, there’s not better value than powdered dish detergent.

This video is a Cascade Original ActionPacs Review. I also show you how to use Cascade Pods in the dishwasher and what the difference is between cascade original pods vs platinum pods for the dishwasher.
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The store is full of choices for automatic dishwasher liquids, powders and pods. For my own reasons, I felt like these pods were a good value and probably worked well. I walk you through using these actionpacs which is helpful for showing people how easy it is for you if you want to clean your dishes in the dishwasher and don’t know how to use cascade pods. I did not add a pod to the prewash. I only added a single actionpac to the normal part of the dishwasher. While the packaging shows a little chart to explain what is the difference between cascade original and cascade complete, you may be surprised to learn and witness how shiny the dishes were only using the original which is cheaper than the other varieties.
You may find the Cascade Original Pods sds (Safety Data Sheet) here: resources.cleanitsupply.com/MSDS/PGC41759_SDS.PDF
The official product page for Cascade Original ActionPacs is here: cascadeclean.com/en-us/products/actionpacs/