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Ross Tucker Verbalizes Hostility Towards His Listeners on His Podcast

Do you think your favorite podcast appreciates you as a listener? I’m beginning to doubt it after hearing Ross Tucker, host of the Ross Tucker Football Podcast, accuse his listeners of, “freeloading.”
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On a November 14th, 2019 episode of the Ross Tucker Football Podcast, I listened until the very end when I heard the host, Ross Finch Tucker, start his diatribe directed at his listeners who he feels are freeloading because he Ross produces and publishes a “free” football podcast that he feels isn’t generating enough revenue in the form of affiliate sales. I immediately unsubscribed. As someone who listens daily to sports podcasts, I will no longer be tuning into this one.
You can listen to that exact episode here, “Greg Cosell” (the winy diatribe is in the final minute of the episode): www.podcastone.com/episode/Greg-Cosell-53609

IF you follow any podcasts that have later beyond their first few episodes or first season, you’ll notice how much the format of the show will remind you of watching television. Once a podcast has the analytics to justify advertising and sponsors, you can almost guarantee you’ll start hearing constant interruptions.

While there are multiple avenues available for a podcast to monetize its content, there are two that are most common. And keep this in mind, not only does your favorite podcast likely feel contempt for listeners not visiting every link, entering every discount code and leaving 5 star reviews on iTunes, but your favorite host is almost certainly selling out when they lie to you about how great and how much experience they have with every product they mention.

Option #1 for monetizing a podcast: Authentic Sponsors who have paid to have their product or service mentioned on the podcast. These are like the traditional commercial ad time sold in media since the beginning of time. This is when you’ll hear how members of the podcast have been using each and every one of those products for years and they can’t live without them. This is one of the times your podcast is lying to you.

Option #2 for monetizing a podcast, usually when the podcast has no traditional sponsors buying airtime is to market affiliate links masked as unique discount codes. You’ll hear the host mentioning they have a code you can “enter at checkout” which will offer your rewards, bonuses and/or discounts no one else has access to. This is almost always a lie.

Who is Ross Tucker?
Ross Finch Tucker was an undrafted Offensive lineman who’s career spanned 7 years. Ross Tucker played for 5 different NFL teams. When he wasn’t injured, he managed to start in 57% of the games he was active for.

Ross Tucker’s NFL Stats can be reviewed here: www.nfl.com/player/rosstucker/2504356/careerstats

Tucker’s college football career was played in the NCAA Ivy League Conference. At Princeton University, Tucker was an All-Ivy League offensive lineman who started all four years of his college football career.

After many years of bouncing around the league, and following a career-ending neck injury, Tucker moved on to a new passion. Ross Tucker has experienced post-NFL success as a journalist, commentator, announcer and podcast host.

Without his helmet on to protect him from the cameras, and a hairline that was fading faster than Randy Moss on a go route, Ross Tucker had an ARTAS Robotic System hair transplant on June 28, 2015. The doctor to perform the procedure was Dr. Leonard Newton who is based in Massachusetts.
You can read about Ross Tucker’s hair transplant here: www.hairdr.com/hairlines/former-nfl-offensive-lineman-ross-tucker-restores-hair/

Now the founder of Ross Tucker Media, Tucker’s resume in the industry is a lengthy one. Among his many sports-related gigs, he’s been a host on SiriusXM, a color analyst for college football on NBS Sports, an analyst for Westwood One, a writer for various websites and publications, and a somewhat successful podcast host. When he’s not belittling his listeners, Ross Tucker is known to be humorous and intelligent.

Unless I hear Mr. Tucker formally apologize for this unforgivable act of hatred towards his listeners, there’s no way I can ever consider listening to any of his podcasts or support any of his ventures. Even if listening to Ross Tucker football picks means a better chance at winning bets, or reading Ross Tucker Twitter NFL memes have the potential to laugh and poke fun at current football happenings, I simply will never go back.

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