Monthly Fundraiser for Silly Reviews Please Support The Channel

Each month, I’ll be posting a video like this in an attempt to drum up some kind of monetary support for this channel.

Here’s how you can support the channel:

(1) Become a “patron” on Patreon. Patreon patrons get access to exclusive content and bonus footage. You can be a patron for as little as $1.00:

(2) Donate direct using Paypal.me. I believe you can send a penny if you wanted to but $1.00+ would help keep me motivated to continue this:

While you may enjoy the content, Youtube does not. Most of my videos now get demonetized. Even when I make a conscious effort to keep these videos from getting too “out-of-hand” and use subtle jokes, they’re still getting flagged and demonetized by Youtube.

I have lots of ideas, but it’s kind of soul-crushing when these road blocks keep hindering progress. Please consider helping out.