Lebron Punch

Lebron didn’t punch Stewart. What happened was he through a vicious elbow with bad intentions that connected on Isaiah Stewart’s eye region.

DETROIT  LeBron James was ejected from the Los Angeles Lakers‘ 121-116 win over the Pistons on Sunday for striking Detroit big man Isaiah Stewart in the face while jostling for rebounding position.

The hit led to a stoppage in action while Stewartwith blood streaming down his facehad to be held back multiple times by Detroit personnel as he tried to confront James.

Following an official reviewJames was assessed a flagrant foul 2 and ejectedStewart was assessed two technical fouls and ejected and Lakers guard Russell Westbrook was called for a technical foul.

Stewart got up and both players exchanged wordsas Smith made the point it immediately looked like James was saying he made a mistake.

Gilbert Arenas has a grim outlook for Isaiah Stewart after the Pistons forward’s bloody scuffle with LeBron James on Sunday.

After James elbowed him in eyeStewart repeatedly charged at the Lakers star in a fit of rage  something Arenas suggested he’ll likely be traded for.

In a comment on InstagramArenas suggested Stewart should “Pack all S-Tpack yo winter jackets and boots becuz yo about to be traded to somewhere” because “You can’t charge at the #KING like that on tv.” Arenas warned Stewart that he “Will be drug tested expeditiously just to make sure that rage ain’t drug related.”

The LeBron Punch happened around 7:00PM Central Standard Time during a basketball game between NBA teams Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons.
Apparently, LeBron James punches Isaiah Stewart. The punch from LeBron apparently bloodies Stewart which leads to minutes off on-court mayhem between the two teams.
Isaiah Stewart faked like he was calm then went after Lebron James many times. I think I say Anthony Davis fall on the ground.