Kartchner’s Grocery Review – 24562 US 190, Krotz Springs Louisiana 70750

I had the pleasure of visiting, for my first time, Kartchner’s Grocery. This is a Louisiana Cajun Food store located in Krotz Springs, Louisiana. If you’re looking for food that is STUFFED with all kinds of other good food, you need to check out Kartchner’s Grocery. Their signage advertises Boudin and Cracklin’, but they have SO MUCH MORE! “Praise The Lard!”

You don’t even need to live in the area to experience it. Just go to their website, pick what you want, then give them a call. They can ship you almost anything they sell. That’s right, we’re talking cajun meats and more, right to your door!

Kartchner’s Grocery Website:
Kartchner’s Grocery Facebook:
Kartchner’s Grocery Phone Number:
(337) 566-0529
Kartchner’s Grocery Address:
24562 Highway 190
Krotz Springs, Louisiana 70750

Not only was the food delicious, but the service was excellent. They had a very friendly and helpful staff. IF you’ve ever heard of, “Southern Hospitality”, they’ll shows you exactly what that means.


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