FaceApp Age Filter vs 1990 NBA ALL-STARS v1

Testing the FaceApp Aging Filter by adding the old filter to photos of basketball players from the 1990 NBA ALL-STAR GAME.
How accurate is the FaceApp aging tool? If you watch this video, you’ll find it can be pretty accurate. Gravity and wrinkles are the most common and obvious effects of aging, and this app replicated that with strong accuracy. Hair and male pattern baldness doesn’t seem to be part of the AI (artificial intelligence) within the app.

We tested tested FaceApp on several famous NBA players from yesteryear. Some of the “then and now” players featured in the video and processed in the app include Charles Barkley, Chris Mullen, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and more!

If you’d like to try the FaceApp, you can download it by using the links below.

FaceApp in the iOS App Store:

FaceApp in the Android PlayStore:

Several of the filters are free to use and I think there’s a free trial for the premium features. The app saves your edited photos with a small watermark.

Ages of players featured in this video:

Larry Bird was 34 years old in 1990 and is 65 years old now.
Charles Barkley was 27 years old in 1990 and is 59 years old today.
Clyde Drexler was 28 years old in 1990 and is 60 years old now.
John Stockton was 28 years old in 1990 and is 60 years old today.
Chris Mullin was 27 years old in 1990 and is 58 years old now.
Magic Johnson was 31 years old in 1990 and is 62 years old today.

Does FaceApp’s age filter work? Leave a comment and give us your opinion on whether or not what you saw seems like an accurate aging progression of these NBA Legends. And for something truly shocking, run the old age filter on a photo of yourself. It’s surprising to see how much you will look like your biological mother or father.

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