Free Hotdogs For Life (If You Get A Tattoo).

Would you get a company's logo permanently tattooed on your body just for some free hot dogs "for life?" Apparently, some people are getting this ugly tattoo in exchange for diver bar hot dogs. Of course, restrictions do apply!

The Silhouette Cocktail Lounge, better known as the Sil, has offered a new deal for its customers. Get a tattoo related to the bar, and you’re entitled to one “Sil Dog” per visit. The promotion is so that anyone who may enjoy the bar — which has been an Allston institution since 1965 — can show their Sil pride. “Sil Dogs” ordinarily go for $3.50, and $1 on Wednesdays until 9 p.m.

Silhouette Cocktail Lounge

200 Brighton Ave
Allston, MA 02134
Phone: (617) 254-9306

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