Firehouse Subs Review (Not so Great)

Today, I share with you this Firehouse Subs review. I tried a sub sandwich from Firehouse Subs restaurant for the first time today and made this video to share my experience. Many people want to know is Firehouse subds good. I wanted to know as well. We can experience it together.

The Firehouse Subs in Gainesville Georgia is where I ordered their Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket sandwich. What I received looked nothing like the picture on the menu.

Are Firehouse Subs Good?
Well, if you’re looking for a spoiler, the answer (my opinion) is no. I believe they’re overpriced. Again, this is based onmy own experience trying Firehouse Subs for the first time today. Your experience may be different.

What is your Firehouse Subs Rating?
I gave this sandwich shoppe 2 Thumbs Down. I was highly dissatified.

Would you eat at Firehouse Subs again?
At full price, I would not patronize another one of these sandwich shops. If I had a really good coupon, I would consider it. If I did eat at another Firehouse Subs, I would try to customize my sandwich by adding more and extra vegetables and sauce. I would also inspect the meat portions and that they were at least meeting spec. I believe I was shorted when it comes to my meat portion.

If you have an opinion about Firehouse Subs, please share it in the comments. Also, what’s your favortie sub shop? Tell us in the comments.

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