Ethanol Fuel sitting in a Pressure Washer after 2 months. Will it start?

Like a lazy moron would do, I left E10 Gasoline sitting in my Ryobi 2800 psi Pressure Washer for sometime between 2 and 3 months. This pressure washer was a pretty big purchase for me, and I love using it. Unfortunately, I tend to neglect things I love. No different from every girlfriend I’ve ever had, I ignored my pressure washer.

This Ryobi 2800 Pressure Washer is powered by a Honda GCV160 4-Stroke Engine. Even if you don’t know much about small combustion engines, just remember this: NEVER use ethanol/gas mixed fuel in small machines. And if you do use something like an E10 fuel (this means gasoline with up to a 10% mix of ethanol), NEVER let it sit in the engine, carburetor or fuel tank.

In this video, I document my attempt to start my pressure washer after it has sat in the cold and humidity of a Louisiana Winter. Will It Start? Watch the video to find out.

If you’d like to know more about how to care for small combustion engines like this, and you have to use fuel mixed with ethanol, here are some helpful tips and guidelines:

If you have to or choose to use E10 ethanol blended gasoline in your small engines, make sure you add a fuel stabilizer to each and every tank or can of gas. Always do that first! I recommend the following stabilizer for fuel that contains ethanol: www.sillyreviews.com/discount/maxpower-ethanol-shield-fuel-stabilizer/

Make sure you have tightly closed the gas caps on the tanks. If you’re not going to be using a machine for a while, drain it or run it empty of any fuel. In addition to draining the tank of an engine that won’t be used for an extended period of time, consider draining any fuel lines and carburetor bowls.

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I really got lucky here. While it did start and run, what kind of damage has that old e10 fuel caused? Is the carburetor maybe partially clogged? I think it would be a good idea to run a cleaning additive through the fuel system or even take it apart and clean it.

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