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Dirty Truck Detail – This Truck is a Carbage Can

This filthy truck is the kind of dirty truck detail that keeps car detailers up at night and is the definition of what carbage means. This is one of the dirtiest trucks I have ever seen!
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This Ford Explorer Sport Trac was picked up from auction and was in good mechanical condition. The paint even held up over the years! The problem was the inside. I could tell some kind of carpenter or handyman used this truck, and it was a dirty work truck. It’s easy to wash a dirty truck like this, cleaning the inside of a truck full of food and trash is difficult. I considered disconnecting the battery and using a pressure washer for washing this dirty truck from the inside out.

I really was worried giving a good truck interior clean on such a mess was going to be impossible. What was necessary for me to do with a vehicle like this, to make it ready for resale, was to get ready for deep cleaning this truck. I was intimidated by the layers of filth and grime in this pickup truck. I could see the potential for profit which motivated me to deep clean this truck from the 2000’s. I knew I needed some detailing tips to know just how to approach a truck with this much neglect.

For help, I actually googled “the detail geek” to see if he’d ever faced filthy car detailing jobs like this one. This wasn’t a very large truck, but it was a crew cab with a full back seat area. I”d cleaned many Ford Trucks before, but this job took filthy car detailing to the next level. Inside was filled with trash, scrap paper, carpenter pencils, grease stains, makeup stains, melted candy, food crumbs and cigarette ashes. What was I getting myself into? I was at least thankful cleaning the outside was going to be relatively easy and this wasn’t a a dirty trucks 4×4.

Look at the before and after of what I was able to do with this nasty truck. If you want truck cleaning tips, please ask for them in the comments. I’ve seen dirtier vehicles before, especially when the owners have kids, and I’ve even cleaned up a dirty farm truck, but this one was certainly definitely deserves to be place in the power truck washing category.

And guess what! In the end, this auction gem came out much more clean and was sold for a nice profit.

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