Best Ear Endoscope for iPhone and Android

If you’ve ever wanted to see how gross your body is, explore your body’s cavities with one of these portable endoscopes for your iphone, android, desktop pc or mac. You can use these mini, lighted camera to dig in your nose, your ears, your mouth, your pee hole, your lady hole or even your butt. Also, I suppose you could use this to look inside your car’s engine as well as under a bathroom or changing room door. It even comes with an ear scoop so you can scrape the gunk out of your ear.

Watch my video review to see how to use a tool like this.

Portable Endoscope: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PBYF9TP/

You’d probably be interested in this review of the best portable endoscope lighted camera is you want to use a mini camera to check your teeth for cavities, look inside of your nose and even look inside your ear with a camera and scrape out impacted ear wax.