Lasko 20” Box Fan Review ($24.99 at Walmart)

Is the Lasko Box Fan you can find at Walmart a good fan? Does this 20" box fan, which only costs around $25.00 at your local blue and white, big-box store put out enough air to keep you cool? Watch this video review to see how my own personal Lasko box fan is performing.,

Summer weather seems to last longer and longer, this lasko box fan review can help you make an informed decision when you’re making a fan purchase to help beat the heat.

I purchased this box fan from Walmart for approximately $25 before tax. Should you buy a lasko box fan? Does it work well? Watch the video to find out.

Do you own one of these 20” Lasko Box Fans? Leave a comment to share your own experience. People want to know if it’s worth buying and if it makes a lot of air or not.