Best Android Multiplayer Game – Plato (Free)

Plato is an awesome hub of multiplayer games for your Android device. I play these games daily! My favorite Plato multiplayer game is Table Soccer because I find it’s the best mix of strategy, fast paced action and consistent competition.

There’s a social aspect to Plato as well. Add me on there. My Plato username is SillyReviews. I’d love to beat you in some Table Soccer!

Plato is also available in the App Store for iOS devices, but I have never used it on that platform so I can’t comment on it.

Download Plato for Android or iOS, here:

Do you use Plato? What do you think about it? Which game is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Does anyone know how they can offer such a good multiplayer gaming experience for free? I’ve yet to figure out how they’re making any money off of it.

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