Be Careful Chewing Mentos Gum!

Video commentary and summary here: 

In this video, I share a recent experience I had while doing cardio at my local health club and chewing Mentos gum. The particular flavor was red fruit lime & tropical. I was on the exercise machine at the gym, chewing a few fresh pieces of Mentos gum, when I was completely embarrassed. This may be a funny story to some of you, but I consider the experience quite traumatic and it has definitely influenced my future decisions when purchasing chewing gum.
In my opinion, I feel Mentos should put a warning label on their gum packages.
Unfortunately, I bought the large plastic container of this Mentos chewing gum. Since I don’t like to waste food or money, I will most likely continue chewing this gum until the curvy bottle is empty. I believe I paid $4.49+ tax for this gum. Consider this video a warning to all gum chewers and gym-goers.

This gum tastes great, but it’s far too juicy. I was producing more saliva than I could handle. And worst, this gum lasts a long time. It doesn’t fall apart in your mouth. I would dare say this is the answer for, “what’s the longest lasting gum” and “what’s the best tasting gum.”

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