Wuhan Outbreak Washington State

First Wuhan Coronavirus Patient Identified within the us
A person in Washington State is infected with a replacement respiratory virus. The outbreak began at a market in China and now has spread to a minimum of four other countries. it was confirmed the infection can spread between humans. How dangerous is this human coronavirus and potential human coronavirus outbreak?

A man hospitalized at Providence center in Everett has the primary case of the new respiratory tract infection within the us .
SEATTLE, WA — a replacement respiratory virus that has sickened hundreds in China, and led to a minimum of six deaths, has been identified during a man in Washington state. Snohomish County health officials said Tuesday morning the person was being treated at Providence center in Everett.

The ny Times reports the person was hospitalized with pneumonia last week, after having recently traveled to China. consistent with the days , the outbreak was first identified during a seafood and poultry market within the city of Wuhan, and later spread to Beijing, Shanghai and other major Chinese cities. Are you scared of the Wuhan pneumonia virus and potential Wuhan pneumonia virus outbreak?

The state Department of Health said a multi-agency news conference was scheduled for two p.m. Tuesday at Public Health Laboratories in Shoreline.

Information on how the virus behaves is minimal, and health officials are working to find out how easily it can spread from person to person.

CNN reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is predicted to supply details on the case during a news conference Tuesday afternoon.