Vocalmatic Review, Demonstration, and Test!

Searching for a solution to automatically convert audio in an mp3 file to text, also known as transcription, I found Vocalmatic. Let's try it out and review it!

This is my Vocalmatic review.
Try Vocalmatic using my link: vocalmatic.com/?via=sillyreviews
Recently, been updating be content on my website in an effort rejuvenate traffic coming from search engine searches Google. I know Google likes fresh content, so I am attempting to update all of my posts on the Silly Reviews website in an effort to some search engine traffic. vocal Matic is an online transcriber with the ability to transcribe MP3 files of spoken words.

The initial cost 10. I registered quickly using a Google account and categorized myself as a student. I was given 30 free minutes of transcribing. I recorded a 1 minutes MP3 of me speaking old review I did. I uploaded it to Vocalmatic and it was transcribed within 2 minutes. To see the results in my opinion of results, please watch the video. And if you want to know how to use Vocalmatic, you can watch this video to see how to use it. It’s really easy and simple.

You may be wondering what exactly is Vocalmatic. It’s described online as an online automatic transcription platform for converting audio recordings into text basically, in like I’m already described, you upload your audio file and you let their speech-to-text technology turn your audio into text.

If you want to know how much Vocalmatic costs, initially I was given 30 minutes for free of transcription services. a banner on the site said I could get unlimited transcribing for a month for under $30.