White Trash (and how to deal with them).

The area I live in is full of drug addicted, tattoed up, panhandling, burglarizing pieces of trash. I’m sick of looking away. Here I am, making shopping for auto parts for our business vehicles, when I notice some no-teeth having drug addict panhandling all the customers who are coming inside. Now, this piece of garbage needs to beg for change, but she’s got money for the huge, trash chest tattoo and the DEEP v-neck to show it off…..because they gotta show of them tats, baby!

I notified a salesperson, but they weren’t really doing anything about the problem. Then, a woman walked up as well, no vehicle, wearing slides and toting a toddler. I’m just sick of it and I was about to let her know.

You have to run people like this off or hoards of them will gather.


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