Texans Lose To Chiefs – What Happened? Texans Were Up 24 – 0

Texans Lose. Chiefs Win! An unbelievable come-from-behind victory by the Kansas City Chiefs to complete the comeback win over the Houston Texans. #Chiefs #Texans #Comeback
How much were the Texans up by on the Chiefs? Well, in the second quarter of this NFL Playoffs Divisional Round, the Texans were up by 24 points. That’s right! The Texans were leading 24-0 in the second quarter before it all fell apart and the chiefs came back for the win. Then we saw the Texans blow lead.

Travis Kelce had a huge game for the winning Chiefs comeback by scoring 3 touchdowns. The Chiefs go on to face the red hot Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship.

Will this be the year Andy Reid finally wins a super bowl? Is this the Andy Reid super bowl year in Super Bowl LIV? I think he deserves it.

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