Socket Shelf Review – Does Socket Shelf Work and Is Socket Shelf Good?

In this socket shelf review we will discuss what is socket shelf and if socket shelf deluxe is good as a Christmas present in 2019.
Socket Shelf @ Walmart: bit.ly/2Oc6YT6
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Socket Shelf on Amazon: bit.ly/2ObYw67
Does Socket Shelf work? Find out in this As Seen On TV review. I really feel like Socket Shelf is going to be one of the hottest gift purchases for Christmas in 2019. We also break down the Socket Shelf commercial in this video because it’s one of those over-the-top As Seen On TV commercials that makes people look like low iq cavemen and cavewomen as they fumble around with their smartphone charges and gadgets. It’s really a funny infomercial.

What Is Socket Shelf?
Socket Shelf is wall outlet expander that adds a shelf to any outlet for clutter free counters. It features a built in storage shelf keeping all your electronics safe, organized and fully charged. Plus, it QUADRUPLES your power with 6 outlets and 2 USB ports! You can turn your standard power outlet into a socket shelf outlet.

Who Makes Socket Shelf?
Socket Shelf is an As Seen On TV product that’s branded with the Sharper Image logo. I’m shocked to even see the Sharper Image Logo on anything anymore. I thought Sharper Image went out of business. I guess the name still has value. A lot of people think they saw socket shelf on shark tank but there was never a shark tank episode featuring socket shelf.

Does Socket Shelf Work?
Yes. I have a friend who has two of these in his house. The extra outlets and USB ports are extremely convenient. When installed correctly, it’s a sturdy gadget that expands the usefulness of a traditional wall outlet.

How Do I Install Socket Shelf?
For Socket Shelf Installation, refer to the literature included with your purchase. There, you will find easy and safe instructions for instaling your new Socket shelf.

Where Can I Buy Socket Shelf?
I prefer to buy my Socket Shelf At Walmart. They have free 2-day shipping and the best prices for Socket Shelf. You can even check Socket shelf availability at your local Walmart store and just go pick it up! Lots of people search for “socket shelf amazon” and you can buy socket shelf on Amazon as well as many other popular brick & mortar and online retailers. I’ve seen people looking for Socket Shelf at Lowes and Socket Shelf at Target. I think this product is sold at all the popular stores and online websites.

Is there a Socket shelf discount code?
If you’re looking to save money on your purchase of 1 or more Socket Shelves, just search online for coupon codes and discount codes. You may be able to find one for the Socket Shelf.

I hope you have enjoyed my Socket Shelf video and got some useful information from my Socket Shelf Review!