Size Queen Rap – She Made Fun of My Size [performed by: Flesh Puppet]

This is a funny rap battle featuring myself against the world!
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I made this funny rap song about how I simply don’t have the size women are looking for and women make fun of me. I know the national average in the United States is 5.25″, but I don’t even come close to that. I guess I don’t measure up. And it’s hard when women can act like size queens. 🙁

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So as you see, when it comes to funny white boy rap names, choosing my moniker of “Flesh Puppet” is one of the best funny white guy rapper names. And speaking of runny white rapper names, I really don’t think anyone can battle me in the realm of funny rap names. And along with the name are my funny rap songs.

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You have my permission to use my funny rap lyrics freestyle and funny rap lyrics whenever you need to be the white kid who kills rap battles. You can even copy my style in rap battles at school!

If you like funny rap songs, I think you will enjoy this rap.

Guys, if you feel my pain, please leave a comment. Ladies, stop making fun of men and their size. It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean….right??

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