Real-Kill Ant and Roach Spray Review

Watch this video as I review a can of ant and roach killer I bought from Home Depot. It’s Real-Kill brand and it was a bit cheaper than the bigger name brands of roach killer like RAID. This video was shot in Southern Louisiana which is known for big outside cockroaches just like you see in this video.

Check out this real-life Real-Kill ant and roach spray review. I put this roach killer to the test against a large cockroach that was crawling on the brick wall in my driveway!
Does real kill ant and roach killer work? I bought it from Home Depot with high hopes that it would kill on contact and roaches I saw both outside and inside.

If you’re looking for the real kill ant and roach killer sds, you can find it using the link below which has the .pdf hosted on my website: www.sillyreviews.com/real-kill-ant-roach-killer-sds/

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