How To Dispose Of Spoiled Food – 90-Day Old Beans

This is another FIX IN SIXty SECONDS! In this episode, I should you how to properly dispose of spoiled food.
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The example used here is a concoction consisting of red beans, black beans and lentils.This food was sitting in my malfunctioning refrigerator for at least 3 months! What increased the spoiling process of this science experiment was my fridge which does not properly cool and often gets up to temperatures nearing 70 degrees Fahrenheit before the condenser kicks on.

Even though these rancid beans where stores in a thick, tightly sealed Rubbermaid container, the stench started to seep out to the point where there was a possibility of being knocked off your feet if you opened the refrigerator door and took a whiff.

It was time to remove this bio-hazard from the fridge and properly dispose of it. If you have spoiled food in your refrigerator, this is how to get rid of it.

I flush the spoiled food down the toilet. A lot of people want to know if flushing food down the toilet is safe. I hope it is because I flush a lot of food down the toilet.

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