Gadget Hoarding – Why Can’t People Throw Away Old Gadgets and Electronics?

UPDATE: I have heard from several people that this is not a rare phenomenon. What is most interesting, and not really unexpected, is that it’s pretty much only men who can’t part with old electronics and gadgets. If I make a video reviewing hoarding makeup and other cosmetics, I think we will find the yin to the yang for what men and women hoard.

Why are so many people hoarding electronics? Gadget Hoarding is a real problem and is on the rise.
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Digital Hoarding, also known as gadget hoarding and digital hoarding, I’ve known many people (including myself) who collect boxes, bins and totes full of old cables, antiquated media devices and even remote controls and proprietary cables. Do you know someone who is a tech hoarder? Are you dealing with your own data hoarding compulsions?
Here are some helpful links for hoarding disease of this kind:
An informative article from eWaste about digital hoarding: www.ewaste1.com/the-top-reasons-why-people-hoard-old-electronics-and-why-you-should-recycle-instead/#:~:text=Digital%20hoarding%20is%20something%20similar,compulsive%20hoarding%2C%20only%20in%20cyberspace.
An article from WCRecycler.com on the topic of hoarding old, unused electronics: www.wcrecycler.com/blog/dont-be-guilty-of-hoarding-old-unused-electronics

This video really touches close to home as I document my brother’s hoarding of old electronics, wires, cables and such.

Know a hoarder? Here’s a helpful phone number for anyone who wants help for their electronics hoarding: 1-800-HOARDERS (800-462-7337)