Cheese-Stuffed Pickles!!

Pickles stuffed with cheese. Why isn’t this a thing? It seems like everything gets stuffed with cheese but pickles have been left out of the equation. #Pickles #Cheese #StuffedPickles

I can’t be the only person who wants to be able to go to the grocery store and pick up a pack of stuffed pickles. the salty, crunchy goodness of a pickle infused with cheese in the middle would be outstanding. just like you see in this video, I’ve attempted to stuff pickles with cheese myself. now, I’ve never been successful and stuffing a pickle with a hard cheese, but I have squirted canned cheese inside of a pickle and it was pretty darn good. one idea I have, but I’ve yet to try, is to stuff the center of a really big pickle with some string cheese. I feel like the shape of the string cheese being cylindrical would go right inside of the pickle perfectly. you just need some really big pickles for that.

And on all of the internet, I only saw two retailers who are putting out a cold stuffed pickle that has cheese in it. Anything else I have searched for on the internet regarding stuffed pickles has been some type of disgusting concoction where they cooked, baked or fried the pickle. That is not acceptable.

Gino Sticks of buffalo, New York seems to have a variety of stuffed pickles. They sell these large stuffed pickles for $5 each. They also have something they offer called pickled centers. These pickled sensors are pictured in a jar but I cannot make out if these are pieces of cured meat or the centers of the cord out pickles they use to make the stuffed pickles.


The cheese filled company is also located in New york. They seem to sell an identical product for $1 more. They call it the Dilly Dawg.


So you’re telling me in all of the United States without popular pickles are and cheese are they’re only two places located on top of each other in New York that market cheese stuffed pickles? That’s crazy!