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Trans Liberal Teen Freaks Out at the University of North Texas in March, 2022.

Some people say Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

Brainwashing has reached new heights thanks to indoctrination in American schools. In the year 2022, we observe a liberal teen screaming. The harsh language and rage-inducing screams demonstrate liberalism at its most basic level. These are theatrics and a lack of maturity and tolerance that hypocritical left-wing “activists” of all ages frequently demonstrate. But don’t accuse liberalism of being a cult or a mental illness. The human in this video can even combine the two, as it is both trans and liberal. And it appears that SHE is a high school student majoring in political science? SHE couldn’t possibly be lying about anything, as they frequently do.

This clip was shot on the North Texas University campus, when a father was contesting his child’s transgender diagnosis, which resulted in his loss of parental custody. This happened to this parent because he is a true believer in science and understands the folly of referring to males as females and females as males.

Jeffery Younger was assaulted by “activists” whose sole goal is to garner attention, achieve protected position in society, swindle money from the government, and spread misinformation. Do you understand that if this father dressed his son in gender-appropriate apparel for school, the liberal teachers (paid by tax payers) would dress him in a dress? Crazy!

More info about the event:

Rioters disrupted a speech by Jeffrey Younger, a father and current Texas House candidate who recently lost a child custody battle with his ex-wife after disputing his nine-year-old son’s transgender diagnosis.

When the Young Conservatives of Texas UNT branch invited Younger to speak at a campus lecture hall, he was prepared to tell the story of how the Texas judiciary had stripped him of his right to fight for his child.

Far-left protesters, some of whom are suspected of being affiliated with Antifa’s North Texas chapter, screamed Younger down and forced him to leave before beating him as he walked out.

She claimed that a student cursed her after seeing her print fliers in the school library. Last week, a petition calling for Neidert’s dismissal from UNT received 17,000 signatures. The furious liberals, as is customary, drew a sickle and hammer on the board. What a strange coincidence!

Younger remarked that his ultimate purpose was to “show the world who leftists truly are,” despite the fact that his presentation looked to be in vain. He scolded the lecturer in the room, “You have failed these students.” “Consider what would happen if students stood up and took control of the chalkboard during a lecture on a sensitive issue like slavery, throwing insults at the professor. They’d all be thrown out. Why aren’t such etiquette norms enforced when conservatives speak?” He enquired further.