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Rid-a-Bug Fogger Review. Vehicle has Roach Infestation.

UPDATE: Even though I was finished with recording the footage for this video, I had future experience with this vehicle and others that had been infested with roaches. If it’s not clear already, you really should exercise the utmost caution when using bug foggers like this. Certainly, the amount I used was overkill. With that said, it works. Do make sure, if you apply this product in a similar way, you disconnect the vehicle’s battery. In summary, this stuff and this method works in a vehicle that’s full of bugs like the roaches you saw in this video.

I have a roach infested vehicle. this is my Rid-A-Bug Fogger Review. Does Rid-A-Bug work in cars? I need Rid-A-Bug Fogger to kill these roaches in a 2002 Ford Explorer so I can sell it.

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