Photo Roulette Review – Be Careful with This App

Photo Roulette is an app you need to be careful about using. I was shocked during my review to find out just how personal this game can get. And that may not be a good thing once you find out what I mean.

What is Photo Roulette and Should You Download It?

I discovered something very interesting as well as things very concerning during my Photo Roulette Review. It’s been over 2 years since Photo Roulette was released to wreak its first wave of chaos on unsuspecting smartphone owners looking to have some fun playing a “social game.”

Download Photo Roulette (iOS): bit.ly/31V0pb0
Download Photo Roulette (Android): bit.ly/36eidkN

Why Is Photo Roulette So Popular?

How is it, that the Photo Roulette app has risen to the top of of the game charts in the app store in 2019? I wanted to share this Photo Roulette review to give you an idea of the risk you’re taking when you download and open an app like this.

Does anyone know why Photo Roulette received this resurgence in popularity in the app store? Based on this reddit post, the game was released for iOS and Android on or around June 3rd, 2017. Was there some advertising campaign or mention by a celebrity on a social media app that we can attribute this sudden boom in downloads? If you’ve never played Photo Roulette, you’re probably wondering what Photo Roulette is.

Photo Roulette Is Dangerous

Based on what I have read about this game, and the little experience I had after I opened the app to explore, I would say Photo Roulette is a very risky game that should only be “played” by people who truly understand what happens. In Photo Roulette, you play in a social game, either with friends or even with total strangers, where your entire camera roll is exposed and 15 photos or videos are shown in 5-second clips to those participating in that session. This could turn into an absolute disaster if you have private photos you don’t want other people to see.

Photo Roulette Exposes Your Secrets

Without discrimination, this app will expose the media and content stored in your phone’s camera roll to friends, acquaintances and even strangers. You cannot filter which folder or files are up for grabs by the app. It could be any photo or video on your iPhone or Android. As I discovered in this Photo Roulette video, once you have granted the app permission to access your camera roll, all of your personal photos and videos are subject to being shared.

Is Photo Roulette Safe?

That’s right. In my photo roulette review, I show you how this “social game” can expose your personal photos and videos. While the description in the app store for Photo Roulette describes the gameplay as “hilarious moments.” In my opinion, there’s nothing hilarious about a naked selfie or credit card number being shown to people. Watch the Photo Roulette review video to see first-hand just hot this app could turn into a game that destroys your life.

This has been my Photo Roulette Review.

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