How To Fix “No Network Connection” (2603) in Edge Browser

Why am I getting this error in Microsoft's Edge Browser on a fresh install of Windows 8 that is definitely connected to the internet? This doesn't make sense.

Recently, I setup a laptop with a brand-new installation of Windows 8, then installed my preferred browsers, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. I had to transfer my passwords and bookmarks from Edge to Firefox. I had to sign in to Edge using my Microsoft account before I could import the data I had previously saved there into Firefox.

Unfortunately, I encounter an Edge error that reads, “No Network Connection. Please Check your network settings and try again. (2603)”

I can use the Edge browser to access the web because I’m linked to my wifi network. I tried resetting my operating system, opening the Edge browser as Administrator, and other things. However, I am still unable to sync to load my passwords, bookmarks, etc.