Future Food 2045 – Eggstreme Omelette

The world is soon to be taken over by robots powered by artificial intelligence that has already been created by the brightest android scientists.
In the near future, these robots will try to replicate history. It may begin with making attempts to refill the archives of the society which relied on Youtube for cooking knowledge.
This is footage that way downloaded through light, time and space that is proof the robots have taken over by a timeline as soon as 17 years in the near future.

This may be proof of Artificial Intelligence…..ROBOTS taking over what used to be called mankind.

I highly advise you to purchase the thickest tin foil available (before they pull it from the shelves) and wrap your head in it! Do it now!

If a robot can fry an egg, what use are you? Humanity is experiencing a fatal drought!

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