Drunk Cop Admits Field Sobriety Tests “Are A Trap!”

A Female Police Officer, Arrested on Suspicion of Driving Under The Influence, Confirms What We All Thought: Field Sobriety Tests Are Designed For You To Fail.

Field Sobriety Tests are a Scam, according to a cop! Don’t give yourself away. Better yet, avoid driving after drinking. After working a side job as a bartender and driving inebriated, this cop was arrested.
When she explains all of this, the arresting cops don’t say anything back. Self-incrimination is what SFSTs (Standard Field Sobriety Tests) and Breath Tests are all about.
It’s probably advisable to follow the advice of almost all attorneys, which is to avoid speaking with police and instead seek legal advice. Unfortunately, police officers are taught to persuade civilians to incriminate themselves.

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