This is Why People Hate Walmart

WARNING: I’m ranting and b*tching. Watching this entire video may be as painful as this experience was for me.

On October 10th, 2017, I had an online order waiting for me to pick up at Walmart. As expected, the service was beyond awful. This is why I would rather just wait for something to be delivered to my house.

I had my camera ready, because I’ve experienced similarly crappy service during previous “Ship To Store” or “Pickup At Store” experiences.

Preparation couldn’t even save me. I went to the store during the after noon when I figured they weren’t busy. I was correct. There was no one in line. There was also not a single employee who would give me proper assistance for more than 10 minutes.

I didn’t film the faces of the employees who ignored me, save for the women who were in the back, behind a door which had a small glass panel. I don’t blame the employees. When you’re an hourly employee, it’s seems the norm to do as little as possible while you milk the clock. I feel like the shitty service I constantly receive and experience at Walmart is a direct result of the culture of laziness Walmart management allows to happen. Maybe some of it is entitlement as well. I am aware of all the low-wage, minimally skilled people in this country who think they’re entitled to making way more money than what their education and skills should allow.

From now on, I’m avoiding Walmart as much as possible.