Tarik Cohen’s Height Mocked by the New Orleans Saints. Height-Shaming Men In The NFL

Tarik Cohen got made fun of, on live television, by the New Orleans Saints. Do you agree that man-hating feminists are to blame for the NFL condoning the public shaming of its own players? Would any women's league condone this type of bullying?

**Exercise Caution when watching this video of Chicago Bears running back Tarik Cohen getting made fun of by New Orleans Saints players. This is a graphic depiction of bullying.**

Tarik Cohen is listed as a 5’6″ running back for the Chicago Bears. This weekend, two players for the New Orleans Saints mocked his height and that video clip has been going viral on the internet.

Why isn’t the NFL handing out season-long suspensions and multi-thousand dollar fines to the bullies playing for the Saints? Why is the NFL condoning the shaming of men?

Is there a double-standard in sports? Is it okay to make fun of men, but not okay to make fun of women? Are man-hating feminists cluttering the NFL front offices and pushing their agenda of shaming men and hating men?

Is the NFL anti-male? Are they against males and pride? Is it okay for the NFL to seemingly endorse emasculating men?