New Taco Bell CHAPULA?

Taco Bell just released marketing for their new chipotle cheddar Chalupa. Unfortunately, the person who was hired to do their mobile notification marketing just goofed up big time as the subject or title of the notification miss spells Chalupa as CHAPULA. 

Can you imagine being the person hired by Taco Bell and you have that one job to put out these very low character notifications for marketing of the new Taco Bell product and you can’t even spell it right. And how many people see this new notification marketing and they don’t correct the incorrect spelling of Chalupa? This serves to show you that there are so many unqualified people in positions you wish you have, who have better jobs than you, who are making more money than you, but are far less qualified than you. Keep this in mind whenever you feel intimidated or down On and your luck.

Taco Bell CHAPULA.

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