Kevin Durant Suns Trade…….. 😯

Will a NBA trade by the Phoenix Suns to acquire star basketball forward Kevin Durant actually happen? Would the injury-prone, future hall-of-famer make for a good fit in "The Valley?" Let's take a closer look at the potential results of a trade that could find Durant moving from the Nets to the Suns.

Is it true there was a Kevin Durant suns trade? Did Kevin Durant get traded to the suns?

While everyone is waiting with anticipation to see where Kevin Durant will be trade it to you, this video wants to start a discussion in the comments about the problem with modern journalism. During seemingly any sports off-season, there is no shortage of Clickbait headlines on all of the major and smaller sports news reporting website. Sports illustrated is no different. They don’t seem to care about honest reporting when it comes to Kevin Durant being traded, but rather are more interested in sucking you in for their analytics boost at any cost.

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