How Good Is Mountain Dew?

Man saves mountain dew from burning house. That’s how good Mountain Dew is.

If you’ve never had Mountain Dew beforeit has a neon color somewhere between yellow and green. Diet Mountain Dew was introduced in 1988followed by Mountain Dew Redwhich was introduced and discontinued in 1988. The best part of Mountain Dew is how it smells milliseconds before reaching your lips. Mountain Dew is the worst type of soda that you can drink.

The sugar content is the main factor that makes Mountain Dew worse than other sodas. One serving of “The Dew” has 11 teaspoons of sugar. Mountain Dew has a pH level of 3.3.

One of the most popular soft drinks, in the world, is Mountain Dew. How good is Mountain Dew? Many people, around the world, enjoy drinking carbonated beverages, also known as sodas, soft drinks, pop, and many other names for the fizzy drinks. But which one is the best and why is Mtn. Dew the best?
This video contains footage that makes a strong argument for just how much consumers of Mountain Dew love Mountain Dew and even under the most stressful of situations, will not leave their cans or bottles of Mountain Dew Behind.
Do you drink Mountain Dew? Do you love it? Do you think there is a soda on the market that’s better than Mountain Dew? I don’t believe there is, but you can leave a comment to show your support for your favorite soda pop.

What does mountain dew taste like?
Based on my own personal experiences drinking Mountain Dew, combined with my research on the internet, Mountain Dew tastes like very sweet citrus soda.